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I cannot speak highly enough of Rebecca and her team! We had a very long engagement, almost three years. We hired Rebecca for her full service from the beginning and it was the best decision made during wedding planning! During the planning process, she communicated constantly, was extremely responsive, and lead the way for all vendor meetings.

Every single vendor she recommended was beyond fantastic. During the planning process, she helped with everything we asked and over time I began to consider her as a friend as well as a vendor, we still text a month after our day!

The day of the wedding could not have gone better because of New Creations. I had almost every other vendor (no joke-our officiant, DJ, venue coordinator, florist, baker, photographer, makeup artist, catering staff, etc) come up to tell me that Rebecca was the most professional and pleasant wedding planner they have ever worked beside. She solved problems before anyone else even realized what was happening and was there for every little thing we needed.

If anyone is debating hiring a wedding planner, I highly recommend you take the plunge. Rebecca and her team made it so me, my groom, my bridal party, and my family were able to enjoy every last second of our day without worrying about coordinating or clean up. Thank you New Creations Wedding Team!!
— Eleni and Brandon
Without Rebecca’s meticulous planning, thorough note taking, project management experience, knowledge of the do’s and don’ts’ for weddings, connections with fabulous vendors (photographer, DJ, florist, lighting, projection company, videographer, cake maker, furniture, linens, venue, espresso bar, ice-cream etc), our wedding would not have been the fairytale that it ended up being for our families as well as our guests. It is hard describing the entire experience with New Creations without sounding overly complimentary, but Rebecca was a perfect fit for us and her talent and ability to guide us through this process makes her one of a kind. From the first day we met, she was able to describe a timeline for our wedding and provide a step-by-step guide as to how we were to accomplish everything we wanted. She was able to assess our personalities and offer her recommendations for what could be a good venue for us (we wanted something by a lake, resembling the natural beauty near my house), who could be a good florist that would be able to create a Grecian themed forest in the tent we used (and chuppah), and connect us to a DJ that she trusted to be able to create the atmosphere we wanted for our day. Throughout the year of us planning, she kept us in check of what needed to be done when (eg you need to order the cake now or you might not get it) and consulted us at every step on best practices (for instance, it’s best not to send your formal invitations more than 2 months in advance or people could forget about the wedding). Rebecca also educated us on many aspects to weddings that I was completely unaware of (I learned you need to get your marriage license a minimum of 3 days before the wedding, if you don’t have a list of the group pictures written out they are unlikely to happen, what a Tallit was etc etc). She answered every question and every email promptly and was able to get us vendors at the last second when we decided to change our plans. Lastly and very importantly, she kept us all calm on the big day and took care of all the details/contacting all the vendors/making sure everything happened the time it was supposed to for us. We absolutely loved our wedding and many of our guests repeatedly told us how incredible the event was. This is all thanks to Rebecca and her team and we could not be more grateful we found her.
— Yarden and Atai
I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mandy from New Creations. Mandy went above and beyond to make sure every detail from our wedding was accounted for and truly helped my husband and me relax and just enjoy the day. Mandy asked the questions I hadn’t even thought of to ask, she kept everything organized and flowing smoothly the day of, and she did it all with a smile. If you’re on the fence about hiring a wedding coordinator I cannot recommend Mandy and New Creations enough!!
— Katherine and Andrew
I had a really difficult time knowing vendors and prices to trust. Additionally, I just needed someone to talk to regarding decisions as this planning process was completely new to me. My husband had very little time to plan, with my parents and I living abroad, and a different timezone.
Mandy was always available for whatever questions I had - and I instantly felt better regarding any stressful decision after talking to her or getting her opinion/advice. Mandy was extremely helpful in recommending and building vendor relationships with vendors that fit my budget and aesthetic. I really don’t know how I would have done this myself.
10000000000000% worth every single penny - New Creations was completely indispensable to us having an incredible day. Mandy in particular had a really calming and firm presence that made me feel like I could trust her 100%. She knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted it, and just made me feel so much calmer than I ever would have imagined I would have felt. Another piece of this - I was at a wedding last year that had hired a different day of wedding coordinator. I was in the bridal suite a lot, particularly at the end of the night, and felt that day of they did an absolute fraction of what Mandy did day of.
New Creations would be my first recommendation of any vendor to anyone getting married. Thank you for all you did!
— Mikaela & Billy
Oh my, where do I begin with this review? We e-mailed Rebecca to inquire about her day-of-coordination services at the recommendation of our venue coordinator. She e-mailed us back within minutes and we scheduled a FaceTime call (we were living in out of state at the time) for the day after. She was so professional and personable, asked a lot of thoughtful questions about us and our wedding. It was very obvious from the call she was very experienced and extremely capable. After the call ended, I turned to my husband and said, “Do we even need to keep looking?” and he said, “No”. And that was that! New Creations Wedding’s services were pricier than what we had budgeted for, but it ended up completely being worth it (and more). Working with Rebecca has been the hands down the best decision we made for our wedding. We relied heavily on Rebecca and chose the majority of our vendors through her recommendations since we were doing most of the planning out-of-state. She was communicative, prompt, and patient with answering so many of our questions. She even made sure to know the location of the defibrillator at the venue. That speaks how detail-oriented she is and how she really does think of everything! I went into the wedding day with complete ease with zero worries about the schedule or operations of the day with full trust in Rebecca and her organization skills! Everything was going amazingly smooth and even when the fire alarm went off her and her assistant, Mandy, helped reassure and escort all the guests to evacuate the building (it was a false alarm!). Somehow, Rebecca worked her magic and managed to keep everything on-schedule even with the delay! We had so much fun working with Rebecca and the dream team of vendors she helped us put together. My husband and I agree we’re not sure if we could have pulled it altogether if it wasn’t for Rebecca! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us in the past year.
— Ahra & Kevin
Rebecca at New Creations was an invaluable resource for our wedding. After a long and leisurely engagement, we finally sat down to start planning and were immediately completely overwhelmed by all the options and by the sheer volume of what needed to be done. I hired Rebecca for day-of coordination plus a design consult at the recommendation of a friend, and she immediately took charge and got us on a timeline, helped us choose our vendors (all her recs were amazing), and worked with my indecisive and scatterbrained self to nail down a color scheme and design for our big day. Not to mention she managed all this while we were living out of state with crazy schedules.

On the day itself, my husband and I just got to ride the wave of love and joy and excitement and had 100% faith in Rebecca to keep everything on track — which she did with grace and good cheer. Any little logistical blips that came up with weather, the timeline etc., she handled without letting us feel any of the stress ourselves. Truly can’t recommend her services more!
— Liz & James
My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca and all I can say is WOW!! Not only did she get to know us personally, but the time and effort spent to make our special day a reality was beyond what we could’ve imagined on our own. Each meeting felt like we accomplished so much! Our favorite part while spending time with Rebecca was getting an artist rendering of what our ceremony, reception and table details would look like! Rebecca knows EXACTLY what she’s doing so that you don’t have to think about it. Even if you just want to talk things out, she will always be available FOR YOU. I will always go back to Rebecca for any chance I could to be able to work with her again!
— Abby & Andrew
I meant to send you an email yesterday...but I wanted to tell you how amazing everything was and that you are just the best!!! It could not have been better! Mark and I have never seen Kristin so beautiful, happy and poised as she was on her wedding day! Seeing her like that was my dream come true :) I was focused on her and I think I missed a few things but I knew that you had everything under control and if there were problems that you would handle them. You have no idea how much this meant to us!

I have heard from her a couple times and they are blissfully in Greece right now as planned :) Kristin is kind of private and not much for words but she keeps saying/writing what a dream the entire day was. We can’t wait to see the beautiful photos too!

I know that you use references from the brides but if you ever need a parent perspective—please use me as a reference!

Thank you so much!
— Cindy- Mother of the Bride
We are convinced that New Creations was the key to how memorable and joyous our wedding turned out to be. New Creations expertly advised us through details and decisions that we did not even know we had to consider. Rebecca and her team gave us the confidence and assurance that we had all our bases covered and our wedding event went so smoothly, all we had to do was show up and have a great time.

On a personal note, Rebecca and her team are some of the warmest, most genuine people you can meet! She sincerely cares about each and every one of our clients, and by the time our wedding day arrived, she was more like a friend to us, rather than a wedding planner. We always knew she had our back, and would take care of us no matter what.

There were too many options for vendors and we did not have enough time to do the research, select vendors to interview and do the necessary due diligence. We did not understand what the appropriate lead time is for scheduling meetings with vendors, as neither of us have gotten married before :) While there were an abundance of wedding checklists out there, we both lead very busy lives at work and at home. We also felt overwhelmed with how many details and decisions were required with putting on an event such as this. Having Rebecca removed a tremendous amount of stress on our end, just knowing that we had a professional behind us. She expertly advised us through details and decisions that we did not even know we had to consider, and helped us narrow down the selection of vendors to only the top notch, high quality vendors that we knew we could absolutely trust. This saved us a lot of time from researching vendors and interviewing them in depth ourselves. Each vendor’s prior experience with working with New Creations also ensured that our event would go on seamlessly. We are convinced that New Creations was the key to how memorable and joyous our wedding turned out to be.
If you are considering hiring Rebecca and her team for your wedding- DO IT!!! It will be the best money you will spend on your wedding!!! We really wish we would have hired her the second we got engaged, for the full planning package.

If you’re looking for a trusted expert and friend, to ensure that your wedding will be the most memorable as possible, look no further than Rebecca and her team. She has taken great care of us and our family, and will no doubt take great care of you.
— Stina & Chester
If you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner then let me be probably the 100th person to beg to to do so. It is 100% worth it. And if you are looking for a wedding planner then you would be amiss to look past New Creations. We did the Partial Planning and Design Assistance package and to say that Rebecca exceeded expectations is an understatement. I cannot imagine doing this without her. She kept us on track and made sure that we didn’t stress about things that didn’t matter, but also made sure to bring things to our attention that we may have overlooked. Her attention to detail and eye for design make her fantastic at her job. Our first meeting with Rebecca was just her getting to know us and what we envisioned for our wedding. Since we had no idea what we were doing we discussed how we wanted it to feel, the vibe we were going for. In no time she had turned that into a pinterest board perfectly encapsulating our vision. She made sure the vendors were all on the same page, and day of she seemed to have a 6th sense of where she was needed! I got stung by a bee while socializing and was just going to ignore it when out of nowhere she’s next to me asking if I need anything (followed up with itch cream, a band-aid, and an offer of ibuprofen)! I spilled ice cream on my dress and she was immediately at the ready with shout wipes and you would honestly be hard pressed to find any stain. My husband and I will always recommend not just Rebecca, but New Creations, as every member of her team that we met were such honest and down-to-earth people.
— Ashley & Seth
I didn’t know where to start. I was overwhelmed by all the resources online and needed someone to cut through the noise for me and guide us to our vision. I knew squat about planning a wedding. What’s my budget for flowers, cake, the venue? I didn’t know what these things generally went for, what I needed versus what was unnecessary.
I thought all I needed was someone to draw up a timeline and execute it for me day of. I was wrong. The best decision I ever made during the wedding process was hiring New Creations to bring my dream wedding to life.

Before getting married, I was prepared to be stressed out. All my friends talked about the puzzle that is planning a wedding, making sure everything is done on time, coordinating all the moving pieces and pulling the whole thing together.
Our wedding was a visual feast. The sheer beauty of our venue and all the little touches blows my mind.

I wish I could take credit for it, but we never felt an ounce of stress during our planning process and all of that is because of Rebecca. Planning our wedding was fun. It was a creative exercise in bringing my husband and my relationship to life in a unique way that resulted in a wedding that could have only been ours.
Rebecca guided us through it all. Developing an initial vision, telling us what we needed and didn’t need. She communicated with our vendors making sure they were all set and even gave some counsel to my brother who had never officiated a wedding before. And talk about organization... the girl has that down. She was prompt with all emails, had a fail proof timeline and was just fun to be around which is important when you’re sharing your relationship with someone who starts out as a stranger. At the end of the whole process, I’m happy to call Rebecca a friend not just someone who helped us with our wedding.

Save yourself the trouble. It’s (hiring New Creations is) worth it. All your friends who say “the best thing I ever did was hiring a wedding coordinator” is right. I was skeptical at first too. Weddings are expensive. Do I really want to add something else? Yes. I’m so happy I did.

Friends, family, even the nice lady at the airport bar who was looking for a coordinator for her daughter’s upcoming wedding. I’ll sing New Creations praises till the cows come home.
— Kelly and Michael
In July I married my fiancé, after approximately a year of preparation. Knowing how little experience we had with wedding events and all of the associated support that is required, we searched online for wedding planners in the Seattle area to help guide us thru the process, and made an appointment with New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination. From the very first interaction, we knew this was the perfect choice. Their representative Mandy Brown was so professional, and at the same time so personable, that we immediately knew she was the one we wanted to work with in planning our wedding. A couple items were especially helpful - her schedule outline and milestones we needed to complete to keep it as relaxed and stress free as possible, and her connections within this tight knit business community. Not only did she add helpful suggestions and ideas, she provided detailed information on other aspects to married life, like getting the wedding license, licensing for venues, and changing your name after all is said and done. Her positive and friendly demeanor, solid communications, encouragement, and support really were everything we could have hoped for, and made our wedding the beautiful and very special day we envisioned.
— Carrie and Cliff
I used New Creations for my wedding this past June. Rebecca Grant was my day of coordinator. I don’t know how I found her but my mom and I met up with her and fell in love with Rebecca. The first time we met, it was the most comforting feeling. Rebecca was by far the easiest to talk to and she helped me make decisions when I didn’t have a clue on what to do. I haven’t planned a wedding before and it was very stressful in the beginning. Once I found Rebecca, things went more smoothly. We met 5 times with Rebecca and each time we met, I felt more and more relaxed. She gives you checklists, answers emails/texts when I am freaking out for no reason. She is the TOP and best GO TO. I am amazed by her ability to have her head on her shoulders and seem like this whole wedding is a breeze. I would recommend Rebecca/New Creations to anyone because she truly makes you feel relaxed, helps you through the entire process, teaches you all sorts of things, and makes the WEDDING DAY A SUCCESS. Love her, and by far the best one of there! :)
— Lauren and Ehren
Weddings are not easy to plan. There is so much work that goes into one. Initially, we really did not understand this, and it is hilarious to think that we had actually contemplated not hiring a wedding coordinator. Rebecca is hands down the person you want for planning and coordinating your wedding. She was the coordinator for our wedding this summer at SAM in Seattle, WA. During the planning process she really impressed us with how warm, welcoming, and receptive she is to whatever your dream wedding might entail. Originally, we had some very off the wall/goofball ideas, and she instantly supported us by figuring out how we could make it happen. Her planning process turned out to be very clear, organized, and thorough. Once our wedding day arrived, she did such an amazing job making sure everything ran smoothly and flawless. She also has a stellar team of recommended vendors that can cover any service or decoration that you could possibly dream up. We highly recommend New Creations Wedding Design and Coordination!
— Katie and Karl
Oh Rebecca, What would we do without you? Thank you so much for your hard work! You have turned the wedding of our dreams into a reality, and we couldn’t have been happier. You made everything run so smoothly and took so much stress off of us. We appreciate you and your talents. I’m still in love with the table setup. (heart) Everything was absolutely perfect and you helped make our special day magical! I wouldn’t change it one bit! You are amazing! A wonder woman! You have been wonderful through all of this. Thank you so so so sooooooo much!
— Kay and Erik
Before we found Rebecca, we were completely overwhelmed by all the information we read on various wedding websites, blogs, and local wedding magazines. Aside from choosing the church, where we planned on having our ceremony, and our wedding date, we had no idea where to begin. We needed help in curating our choices and guidance in what really goes into a wedding, so we were very lucky to have found and hired Rebecca early on after we got engaged.

Rebecca helped change our wedding planning journey from being an overwhelming and stressful experience to a fun project we could work on that would culminate into the best day of our lives! Rebecca’s expertise, communication and interpersonal skills, organization, attention-to-detail, and genuine kindness made her an incredible and excellent planner, and we enjoyed working with her. Her wealth of knowledge and connections in the industry were invaluable. This was evident from our first meeting when Rebecca put together a curated list of vendors for us to choose from based on our vision, style, and budget. We had a rock star group of vendors, and Rebecca led the team so that we could have a relaxing and stress-free wedding day. Additionally, Rebecca specializes in Filipino weddings, so we did not have to worry about explaining some of the Filipino traditions of the wedding mass because Rebecca already knew what to expect—she knew more about them than we did!

From the beginning, Rebecca’s clear and effective communication skills made everything so easy! Whenever we had a question or an email, Rebecca would respond within 24 hours (usually sooner!). We also appreciated that Rebecca knew how to be direct and kept things moving the day-of while still making sure the atmosphere was light, fun, and relaxed. Everyone knew where to be and what to expect without any confusion. Furthermore, Rebecca’s organization skills were vital throughout the whole process. It was a relief to work with someone who could provide structure for us! Rebecca created easy-to-follow checklists and timelines of wedding to-do’s over the 16 months that we were engaged, and breaking things down into segments helped keep our planning on track. All the planning even became fun, rather than stressful, because we looked forward to working together and accomplishing the items on our list each month! On the day of the wedding, Rebecca was very patient, respectful, and unobtrusive. No one felt pushed around, and the day seemed to flow seamlessly. Rebecca demonstrated that she had all the answers to any of our questions, so we completely trusted that she would know what to do if something went awry (apparently it is an inevitability at weddings). Because of this, we could let loose and have fun with family and friends without worrying about troubleshooting any issues.

There are so many parts that go into a wedding, so we were thankful that Rebecca has an eye for attention-to-detail! As a couple who does care about the details, we felt lucky to have a planner who understood the importance of remembering the little things without losing sight of the bigger picture. Rebecca got all the details right, from the best way for groomsmen to hold their hands during the ceremony to setting up a charmingly decorated reception space. Our guests are still letting us know how beautiful our wedding was! We had such a wonderful experience, and we could not have done it without Rebecca’s help!

If a couple wants to have a stress-free, fun, and relaxing wedding day, hire New Creations! Our wedding day went by quickly, but we felt we truly cherished our first moments as husband and wife because we had Rebecca taking care of everything. Thanks to Rebecca, we genuinely enjoyed our wedding day to the fullest.

It was a small price to pay for Rebecca’s wealth of experience and knowledge so that we could enjoy our wedding day. After all, it only happens once in a lifetime! We would recommend New Creations 100% without hesitation!
— Grace and Scott
We felt we had a huge task in front of us and did not know where to start. We had some ideas of what we wanted to do but no roadmap.
Rebecca provided appropriate structure and very helpful resources such as vendor and design ideas, and creativity, which helped us feel incredibly organized and smooth in the process.
It is so worth it to have someone competent, knowledgeable and experienced with coordinating day-of wedding details to hold the stress and responsibility. As a Bride, I felt completely stress free and present with my feelings of joy and my groom because we chose to hire Rebecca. We will absolutely be recommending Rebecca to friends and family getting married!

— Allison and Vivek
My husband and I were just too busy with work to start planning. We needed someone with experience and extreme organization to help us get all of our ducks in a row. Rebecca was fantastic! Within 5 minutes of meeting her I knew she would be a perfect fit for us. She was on top of EVERYTHING from start to finish. She gave me a checklist with all of her preferred vendors to check out. She didn’t mind giving her opinion which was super helpful for my husband and I. The week before the wedding she came over to get a list full of items that are needed for the wedding. I really liked this. It allowed me to enjoy my wedding week knowing that Rebecca had everything that was needed for our big day, and that I didn’t have to worry or stress.
We absolutely feel New Creations offered an excellent value for the cost. Rebecca allows you to customize the packages already created to tailor to your needs. There isn’t anything that I would change. Our wedding was perfect thanks to New Creations! We are absolutely referring her to couples we know that are getting married. HIRE NEW CREATIONS!!
— Carlee and Doug
We were pretty much done with vendors before we reached out to New Creations. However, we still had bunch of questions about what the wedding day would look like, and how the whole process would work. After we started working with Rebecca, we worried less about planning the day, and we could focus on ideas we wanted to pursue and all preparations we needed to do. Rebecca helped us synchronize with all the vendors about timing and setting items, which saved us lots of time. Last but not the least, on the wedding day, Rebecca set up everything and worked with vendors so that we did not need to worry about anything and could fully enjoy the day with family and friends. Among all our vendors, New Creations was the most organized. Her working style is really focused on details and very organized. It is really easy to work with Rebecca. All meetings are well-prepared. All items requested by her are very clear. We’ve already recommended her to several of our friends getting married.
— Chuchu and Qingbin
The dust has settled from the wedding and I’ve caught my breath. I know I told you that evening, but I wanted to take this opportunity to express again how thrilled my husband and I, and of course, Brittany and James were with the entire event. Everything was beautiful and beyond my expectations. Gregg and I were proud to be able to give Brittany and James such a lovely celebration. I am somewhat familiar with entertaining large groups of people and usually take it in stride. However, this very special event seemed to have so many moving pieces coming from different directions, I had my concerns. I can’t imagine having done it without you! You helped us all through the myriad decisions to be made arriving at a truly personalized wedding that fit Brittany and James perfectly. And YOU orchestrated the entire day flawlessly; from the early morning at the hotel getting the bridal party ready for pictures, to coordinating the setup of the venue, to braking down the décor early the next morning. We honestly couldn’t have done it without you; certainly not, and enjoyed the wedding.
Thank you for your good work and allowing us all to be truly present and enjoy the wedding. What a gift!
Best always,
Carol Truex
— Carol- Mother of the Bride
Rebecca and her team were very easy to work with and allowed for a seamless (at least to my knowledge) wedding day, not to mention ease throughout the planning process. Rebecca in particular was gracious and flexible, yet organized and structured to cross all the “T’s” and dot all the “I’s.” I was extra appreciative of her dealing with my sometimes difficult family members and their neuroticism. :-) Her team came HIGHLY recommended by a family member who works in the wedding business and we do not regret paying a little out of our budget for a much more enjoyable experience, especially considering we were planning from two states away. Even though I was heavily involved in my vision and took on a lot of the planning myself, Rebecca was always there to offer support and recommendations when needed—incredibly responsive. For this reason it was wonderful to choose to pay for the service warranted (we went with the middle package). I would recommend New Creations to anyone in any level of need for making their day a truly special occasion with guaranteed minimal headaches. Thanks again!!
— Molly and Justin
I would very highly recommend Rebecca and her team. We decided to get married in 4 weeks and I interviewed many planners. No one was as confident and excited as her. Our wedding was the best day ever and everything went incredibly smoothly. She negotiated many discounts and had experience with all of our vendors. People are consistently saying to us “that was the best DJ, Flowers, Lighting, Food, etc. that I’ve had at a wedding”. This was all thanks to Rebecca. Our wedding party has told us it was the smoothest, most well- planned event they’ve been to.
— Maria and John
The frustrations we were facing were just general organizational issues like how to complete all the tasks and in what order. We were lacking direction. Mandy was there for us whenever we had a question. She was supposed to be on vacation and was still sending recommendations since she happened to be on Vashon (where our wedding was being held). Our wedding planning experience was improved by her ability to reign us in and keep us on track. She has a good sense of what is and is not a pressing concern when it comes to planning. I would tell brides that hiring New Creations was the best decision we made in the planning process. On top of that, I would tell them to do their research, meet with a couple of other planners and go with their gut. But most likely they won’t find anyone quite like New Creations. Initially cost was a barrier for us, but when we realized how demanding the process is we changed our tune a bit and it was absolutely worth it. We have already started recommending to friends as we received a lot of compliments on how well the wedding went.
— Ariana and Noam
There were multiple frustrations we had as a couple before hiring New Creations. Like many newly engaged couples, we didn’t know where to start with the planning at all. The only things off our checklist were a caterer, photographer and videographer. In addition to not knowing where to start, we didn’t know who to contact about all the little details we knew would go into a wedding (ex. invitations, bakery, music..etc.) Finally, the largest obstacle we knew we were going to face was planning from a distance. We both knew we needed a planner to help from afar that could help us answer questions and assist us with contacting vendors we didn’t have a relationship with.
Rebecca was extremely organized, detailed and PATIENT! I love how we planned everything really early and fast. That took a lot of the stress away after we moved away from Seattle. Also, Rebecca helped us think of all the little details I didn’t even think of. I think the most helpful thing was Rebecca and Mandy executed my dream wedding and stayed patient with me the whole way. In this social media world, I found myself changing ideas a lot because I would always find something new online. I truly appreciate Rebecca’s patience while I changed this and that during the wedding planning process. I also was very thankful how fast New Creations responded to me via email or text. Finally, New Creations introduced us to so many wonderful vendors that were kind, generous and patient with us too.
You will not regret working with Rebecca and Mandy! New Creations will work diligently with you to create your dream wedding while keeping you in line. They really do help in relieving stress that comes with planning. They are kind, genuine and sincerely care about the most important day of your life. Not to mention, there were great discounts because of their relationship with wedding vendors.
Thank you so much for all your help. You truly made it a wonderful and stress-free experience. I wish I could go back and do it all over again. I totally understand why people go into wedding planning now =)
— Joy and Zach
My husband proposed to me in April, and we wanted to get married in November. In between, I was graduating from law school in May and needing to take the bar exam in July. I knew that I would need a wedding planner to help keep my sanity during the planning process. I spoke with about 10 wedding planners around the Seattle area, and I knew Rebecca was the one. She has everything that you are looking for in a wedding planner - organized, great listener, creative, well networked, honest, and just a life saver. Another plus is that she is so well respected in the wedding community. Every vendor I worked with or met during this process raved about how amazing she is. At the end of our wedding, I got in touch with one of the managers at Fairmont and she asked me about Rebecca and said “Your wedding planner is REALLY good!” Lastly, what really moved me is that Rebecca genuinely cares for you as a friend. You just feel like you are planning a wedding with a girl friend!

Our wedding experience was so enjoyable! I was really nervous that I would dread it and hate the experience because I’m not much of a planner and designer. What I thought would be incredibly overwhelming turned out to be manageable! We really appreciated how Rebecca handled the smaller tasks that did not need our attention, and how she broke down the bigger tasks into baby steps. The constant emails and reminders were a plus because they kept us on track of our appointments with her and vendors, and the tasks that we needed to complete by a certain deadline. She made it so that we can still enjoy our engagement stage without the wedding planning consuming our lives.

For people that are considering working with New Creations, I would first show them photos of our wedding, and then say go hire her! Rebecca did more than just the planning, she went above and beyond by fitting everything within our budget, giving us a dream team, ensuring we enjoyed our wedding day, and giving us the dream wedding. The kind of wedding we had would have demanded far more than our expected budget, but she made it happen! Our vendors, who we met through Rebecca, were so talented, amazing, and kind. Everyone keeps talking about our photographer and videographer. We’re so thankful that she connected us with them because we have an amazing album and video to always look at! On the wedding day, she will handle everything on your behalf so that you get to enjoy every second of the wedding.

Trust her recommended vendors! I had a DREAM team that made our wedding day so special and beautiful. We are already referring her now!
— Dasha and Steve
Now that things are slowing down after the wedding and honeymoon, Vince and I have had a lot of time to reflect on our wedding. The whole day feels like a dream everything was perfect. We have you to thank for making it better than anything we could have ever imagined. We are still getting so many compliments about how nicely the day flowed and how organized everything was. People also can’t stop talking about the design. I was blown away when I saw the reception set up under the tent!!! I can’t imagine what goes on behind the scenes and all the things you have to deal with. Thank you for helping make the day so enjoyable and stress free. It allowed us to enjoy every moment of our wedding. Through the whole planning process I feel that you went above and beyond and I know that our day would not have been what it was without you. You are a HUGE reason why we feel our wedding was so successful! I throw your name out there a lot and give credit where credit it due. You have helped put together a wedding that will be remembered for years to come. I can’t thank you enough or put into words how grateful we are for you!
You are absolutely amazing and wonderful!
— Savanna and Vince
Dear Rebecca, I am shamefully behind on thanking you for all your help and support in making Lolly and Ben’s wedding absolutely perfect. Really, I don’t know how people think they can coordinate their big day themselves. When I think of all the moving parts that must alight, I absolutely marvel at your calm organizational skills. Really, we couldn’t have done it without your patient expertise, so THANK YOU!! I’ve told everyone how wonderful you are, and I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again. Everyone so appreciates your brilliant help- me in particular. Don’t be a stranger, we would love to see you again!
— Laura (Mother of the Bride)
I can’t say that I had a lot of frustrations or obstacles with my wedding planning experience as I came from an event planning background. Erika took any worry that I could have possibly had about how our wedding day would go out of my mind. Having Erika with us on our wedding day made it possible for, not only David and myself to relax, but for my parents to feel like they could enjoy the day without getting bogged down with logistics. Everything Erika put together was so clear that it was easy to reference and know what to expect for our wedding day. Everyone who contributed to our wedding agreed that she was the best money we spent. Knowing that you have someone on your team to make your day go smoothly is a stress release at the highest level. The professionalism and courtesy that we received from Erika went above and beyond! We felt like we got so much more than we could have ever expected! This was the best money spent for our wedding day. The services we received came to us at such a reasonable price - we felt spoiled! Our experience was truly wonderful, and we are so grateful for it! My parents already want to hire Erika for my brothers when they get married some day!
— Elise and David
Rebecca is beyond amazing. I had the opportunity to work with her for a year on our small intimate wedding in January 2017 that she creatively described as “eclectic romance”. I was initially concerned about our lower budget and smaller guest count that we would be difficult to work with, but that concern flew out the window with the first meeting. Rebecca’s passion for what she does shines through at every moment, and I felt like more than just another client. I knew next to nothing about what it took to plan a wedding and was incredibly overwhelmed in the beginning. Rebecca breaks it down so wonderfully into manageable chunks in very organized timelines. She helped me in more ways than I can count over the year culminating in truly the best day of my life. Her communication skills are next to none, she promptly replied to every email and question (no matter how big or small), and greatly helped our first time officiant. She is truly a professional. The day of my wedding, all I truly had to do was sit back and relax. She handled every little detail, from coordinating vendors to even managing to track down extra coffee cups halfway through our reception. I could, and probably will, sing her praises to every future bride I know. She is simply the best, worth every penny, and my best wedding decision (apart from the groom ;-) ).
— Stacy and Bryce
New Creations worked with us to create the perfect wedding day for us, and is a must for any couple getting married! Having New Creations definitely relieved a lot of our stress, especially since we are both young working professionals. We came to her with a couple vendors selected already, but we were unsure on how to proceed with other vendors. There were too many recommendations given to us, and we didn’t know which ones were responsible and trustworthy. New Creations really took the time to get to know us, before suggesting vendors, and walking with us through the whole planning process. We always felt respected, and consistently updated throughout the process, which is perfect because we are both type A people. One of the most memorable qualities that we remember from our time with New Creations, is that we felt like we were the only couple she was working with, even though we realized that she had other couples as well. There was never a time we didn’t feel like we were her main focus, and never, never a doubt of trust of her capabilities and character in our minds.
— Amy and Jeremy
My wedding was in October 2016 in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle at the Fremont Foundry. And Rebecca Grant was my wedding coordinator. I found Rebecca through some friends - a couple who was also recently married in the area, and whose wedding I attended and had a fabulous time. I asked for Rebecca’s contact info from them, as they are people whose opinion I know I can trust. Working with New Creations gave me confidence and peace of mind, to put it simply. The timeline and checklists specifically are extremely helpful, and knowing that I was “on track” and continuing to move things along. One piece at a time, rather than drowning in tasks, which was my initial reason for seeking out a wedding coordinator. It was fed to us in a manageable set of pieces that were well spaced out, and we could take our time and still enjoy the process rather than feeling like it was homework. Our meeting locations varied, depending on the content and length of the meeting, from Rebecca’s nice little office, to coffee shops, to vendor locations, to our own home for the final planning meeting. She was flexible and accommodating when it came to scheduling, as both my husband and I work full time tech jobs. Peace of mind is invaluable. New Creations assisted us in making sure necessary tasks were done, and done well, allowing us to avoid mishaps and mistakes that might have cost us money or valuable time. This is something that is looked at as a one-time thing, so we wanted to do it right and right the first and only time! Enough said. I will be gladly touting the benefits of a wedding coordinator, and passing on New Creations’ name to my network.
— Leigh and Sean
We had thought we could do this all on our own, but 2 months out we realized that the detail management required to pull off the big day was far more then we had the time or experience to handle. Finding & signing vendors up was the fun part. Making sure all the misc details were in order, confirming all vendor arrival/breakdown times, and being on hand to make sure everything went as planned was something we couldn’t have done on our own. Enter, New Creations! :)
There were a number of details we didn’t even know we had missed until Rebecca brought them up in our first meeting. This was all the more impactful the day of, when Rebecca uncovered that the rental order we had put in place prior to hiring her was missing table linens. In a heart beat, she jumped into action, set up the additional order, and drove to Everett to confirm the order. The day was quite literally saved thanks to her thoroughness!
You don’t know what you don’t know. New Creations does :) Trust in the fact that experience matters in the planning of an event this size. We knew we were paying more for the experience and expertise New Creations provided. In the end, we got more then we hoped for and then some.
— Megan & Ben
We wouldn’t say (prior to hiring New Creations we were experiencing any) obstacles or frustrations, but rather anxieties and ignorance. Planning a large party is one thing, but planning a wedding is a full on event. People are professionally trained to put on events. I know this. I work for a company that contributes to large events. I’m well aware of the level of detail and coordination involved. My spouse and I were all too well aware we were ill-equipped. We were also well aware of what happens/happened to our peers who have navigated without a professional. We wanted to enjoy our own party and throw a fabulous event to boot. Rebecca made all the steps digestible, possible and provided clarity. There’s that awkward sensation of taking on the unknown where you know you need to be asking questions. Having Rebecca facilitate for us, coordinate and anticipate, made it not only easier to know which questions to ask, but also gave the answers in one fell swoop.
Plus, much of it was just really enjoyable. When you can laugh, enjoy the moment and having the gift of being able to stay in the moment to enjoy it, was huge!
There’s no such thing as too much or too little. If you want a little help or a lot of help— If you want intimate or big splash— If you have traditions you want to preserve or do something completely your own, New Creations was endlessly supportive.
We would absolutely refer New Creations in a heartbeat!!
— Kelly and JP
Erika Hernandez was amazing to work with. She was great with communicating with me leading up to the wedding, the week of the wedding, the day before to finalize details and the day of the wedding. She did a great job of coordinating with the other vendors so that our wedding day could be low stress and fun. When there was an issue she was on top of fixing the problem. She was also great with mitigating my controlling Mom. I highly recommend Erika. She is a true professional and a joy to work with.
— Lisa & Matt
Dear Rebecca,
Emily & Ken’s wedding was picture perfect. Smooth. Flawless. Stunning. Shining. Shimmering. Splendid.
Every detail was covered, with fantastic, reliable vendors, beautiful settings, over-the-top floral arrangements – even last-minute corsages and boutonnieres.
We all felt confident we knew where to be at what time, and the processional/recessional/ceremony worked exactly as planned.
Our guests complimented us again and again on how wonderful the wedding was – gorgeous and unlike anything they had ever experienced.
Nine months ago I had to ask you what a wedding planner does. Now that I have seen what you do, and how professional and detail-oriented you are, I get it! You are essential. We never could have pulled this off without you. And because of you, Emily’s wedding was out of this world.
Heartfelt thanks, Rebecca, to you and to Stephanie.
— Dori Yang- Mother of the Bride
We hired you right away - I had a venue but knew I needed help finding the right vendors in the Seattle area, especially since I was planning it from San Francisco. Rebecca was so attentive and detailed in learning about our style and vision for the wedding - she recommended vendors that fit our style and budget and the best part was - I never had to wonder if they could deliver because I knew that she had worked with them before and trusted them. She kept us on track and even did a few extremely packed planning days with us to make it work with the limited time we had in Seattle before the wedding. She was extremely responsive through the whole planning experience and during the wedding day, either nothing went wrong or she handled it all becuase I never stressed over anything. Given that the wedding had so many vendors and over 200 guests, I’m guessing it’s the latter. She’s a great communicator and clearly has wedding planning down to a science.
I would highly recommend New Creations. I think New Creations services are a steal - I got way more than I expected from a day-of planner for a very reasonable price. It’s also highly worth the peace of mind - that you haven’t forgotten anything important while planning, and that everything will somehow come together and during the big day all you have to do is show up.
— Emily & Ken
After signing with New Creations for wedding day coordination and consult, we were able to utilize the valuable vendor references to select the right fit for our many needs. New Creations also provided tools and resources for staying organized while planning, including a timeline and to-do list, as well as useful guides for the many details and questions that arise around protocol and format; this was incredibly helpful and saved us a great deal of time and energy. Erika was a wonderful consult as questions and thoughts arose through the process. She always responded in a timely manner with detailed information and clear options. This support was extremely valuable as we juggled planning and organizing a big event in just over six months.

Approaching the event, Erika gathered all of our necessities, décor and wedding items one week before the wedding in order to be at the helm of ensuring all the details came together the day of our wedding. Indeed, this provided a great deal of support during a highly charged time. Erika’s presence on our wedding day was priceless. Her ability to handle multiple personalities and successfully juggle priorities and details was much needed and appreciated. She is calm, cool and extremely capable. Many of our family and friends also recognized her grace and poise during a busy and highly emotional day. As our instincts told us when we met and grew to know each other in the planning process, we are extremely happy with our decision to move forward with Erika and New Creations. It is evident that these ladies are highly skilled and experienced and you can see in their work that they have a genuine passion for what they do. Without a doubt, if we had to do it all over again: New Creations would be our first move!
— Jessie & Justin
Rebecca is the best kept secret in the Northwest wedding industry. Seven months ago my husband and I were casually perusing wedding planners and setup a few meetings just to see what all the fuss was about. (Weddings can’t be THAT hard to throw together, right?) Rebecca was the first meeting on our calendar. After the complimentary initial consult we got back to our car and just looked at each other, “we need her, she’s it.” We cancelled our other meetings with complete confidence that we were in the best hands possible. From the very first email, Rebecca was nothing short of stellar. She is attentive, organized, generous, kind and FUN! What really stood out to us from the very beginning is her heart, you’re not just another client on the roster. Rebecca takes the time to get to know you as a couple and really values the relationship you build together. This kind of commitment and integrity shines through every detail of the planning process. Through her day-of wedding coordination with design services package, we assembled a dream team of vendors who helped us bring our wedding day vision to life with ease. As an introvert and highly sensitive person, being “the bride” was totally outside my box. After three days of prior wedding activities, I awoke on wedding morning feeling h e a v y and anxious. The peace of mind Rebecca afforded me that day, seamlessly taking care of all logistical tasks and more, so I could be grounded, present and enjoy the once in a lifetime experience is truly priceless. Our wedding day was magic. I cannot thank her enough, nor recommend her more highly.
— Haley & Bryan
I (we) cannot say enough good things about our experience with Rebecca (and the wedding experience she created). I have received more “that was the smoothest run wedding I’ve ever been to” type comments!!! Prior to hiring New creations I was having a hard time weeding through the good and bad material. Also just overwhelmed by the amount of information, the amount of things to do, and mostly worried about things not flowing/coming together on the day of the wedding. I was also worried that I would end up wishing I would have done something different. But I was worried about hiring a planner who would want our wedding to be something we were not envisioning. Rebecca provided concise and pertinent information, and answered questions in a prompt fashion (despite being busy with multiple clients). She made me feel comfortable and was always so kind and understanding (she kept telling me, “it’s not going to hurt my feelings if you don’t like something I picked” which was exactly what I needed to hear). She is really high energy and gets a lot of things accomplished in a short amount of time. I heard so many compliments on how wonderful the wedding ran, how attentive Rebecca was and how beautiful everything turned out. Some were from people who have had planned weddings for multiple children. The minister’s wife said it was the best run wedding she had ever attended, and she’s been to quite a few. Also, I followed Rebecca’s advice on a planning timeline which was extremely helpful. My husband and I actually spent the entire weekend (pre dawn until dark) before our wedding elk hunting. No matter how good you are multitasking, hunting and last minute wedding prep is not possible. Without Rebecca I am positive I would have missed out, or had a disastrous wedding. It seemed like a lot of money at the beginning, but in the end it was worth every cent (and more). I wouldn’t have changed a thing, and look forward to referring Rebecca in the future.
— Erin and Aaron
We found there were a large number of vendors, and due to being new in town, we did not know many other people who had been married in Seattle to recommend vendors to us. After spending lots of time looking and booking a venue ourselves, we decided it would be helpful to have a planner who would help us with the rest. Rebecca guided us every step of the way as to what the next steps were, and presented us with 3-4 choice of vendors she thought would be a good fit with our tastes and budget, saving us from countless hours looking through pages and pages online. Rebecca answered emails and questions very promptly and professionally, which made her easy to work with, especially for an anxious bride! Rebecca is very experienced and professional. She is very knowledgeable as well, and if there is something she does not know, she will find out or willing to learn from you. She offered excellent value for the cost of services, and we honestly would change nothing. We will definitely be recommending New Creations to friends and family!
— S and A
My fiancé and I hired Rebecca of New Creations for her Day-Of Wedding services. Initially, I was concerned about making sure my husband and I had fun and enjoyed our wedding. I knew that we would want someone to make sure everything ran smoothly and if problems arose, I wanted someone other than me or my husband to handle them. I also had no idea how the venue would be set up and tore down without us doing it ourselves (or putting too much pressure on our families to do it). Rebecca came along and became our knight in shining armor! My husband and I felt immediate relief after we met her last November. We knew that we could trust her to take over and execute our wedding vision on the day of. We were pleasantly surprised at how professional and on-top of everything she was! Also, we loved that Rebecca got involved as early as 3 months before the wedding, attending the venue walk-through, and then again to create our timeline and to go over décor set-up and to take a lot of those items off of our hands. Each one of those events made wedding planning easier, in ways we never could have anticipated. If you are considering hiring New Creations, Do. Not. Hesitate!! I met with two other planners before Rebecca and there is simply no comparison. Rebecca is prepared, she knows what she is doing, and she is so sweet and friendly! I immediately trusted her and felt relaxed. Rebecca also did not budget shame me (some planners wouldn’t even meet with me once they heard our budget). She took the time to get to know me and my husband, and effortlessly convinced us that we found our match.
— Sara and Chris
Thank you Rebecca! For posting this wonderful blog about us. It brought back lots of precious memories. Our Hawaiian dream wedding could have not come true and gone smoothly without you. You went above and beyond our expectations to help us when we hardly know much about anything there in Oahu. You helped us connect with vendors that fits with our needs and personalities. Not only that, you even helped us with our Chinese tea ceremony at our rehearsal day and even picked up our very important Godzilla cake from the airport, stored it and delivered it in perfect condition for our day. We have no regrets on what we chose or had that day, thanks to you and if we could do it all over again, we would! You were full of ideas, knowledge, punctual and very positive. You, your husband and all the people we met was amazing. We loved working with all of you, We never forget about it and never will!!
From the bottom of our hearts, we THANK YOU! Without your help, guidance, and your willingness ho help us, this wedding would not have been possible. So thank you for being there for us when we needed you being so attentive, and always replying to us so quickly. Thank you for exceeding your service and going the extra mile for us! Thank you for your brilliant ideas and expertise in order to portray our wedding vision. We are very grateful and glad that we have met you. You are a wonderful person and an amazing wedding planner. We will definitely recommend you to anyone that is need of your services, as we ourselves can’t stop telling our family and friends how great you are!
— Stephanie and Erik
We thought the resort was providing us with a “day of” planner when we signed the venue contract. But we later found out that wasn’t the case. We knew we couldn’t handle a destination wedding on our own (planning from Oklahoma). We hired our photographer on our own which was risky, and he was smart enough to refer us to Rebecca. Hiring Rebecca took all of the leg work out of locating design vendors. It also helped that Rebecca was willing to pickup wedding decor items for us, and bring them over to the island rather than us having to worry with it all. On the day of our wedding I was completely stress-free. The day was laid out in a timeline and all I had t worry about was being a bride. Honestly, zero stress all day long. Absolutely hire Rebecca for your wedding day!! There are SO many details that a bride and groom shouldn’t have to deal with on the day of their wedding. It is really worth it to add New Creations into your wedding budget. The offered an excellent value for the comprehensive packages they offer. We will without a doubt refer New Creations to other couples we know getting married. Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. Both Josh and I think that hiring you was the smarts thing we did. Totally would not have been the same without you and your team!
— Jessica and Josh
We were not sure what we needed help with & we did not have experience with schedules, event details, was not sure how my decor was getting installed or who was going to help us. We were stressed out and we had a lot of questions and we needed feedback that was helpful. [New Creations] helped us figure out all of the large and small details around the day of schedule and gave us vendor referrals and helpful advice and tips/suggestions. [Erika] created a day-of schedule, got the schedule to all of our vendors; connected with our venue and caterer to work out all logistics. [Erika] did a rehearsal walk-through with us at the venue with our officiant, wedding party and family in the ceremony. Was great to have someone to hand off all of our decor and party favors to that we trusted to see our vision through successfully to completion. Erika and Rebecca always answered our detailed questions and emails and texts in a timely manner and were very clear and helpful and they supported us. They helped pick up all of our decor and party favors and did an amazing job installing all of the decor according to my requests and it looked even better than I imagined. After the wedding Erika and her assistant gathered and packed all our decor and items back. Nothing was lost-we got everything back and it was neatly packed in our boxes. On the day of our wedding many of our friends and family said that my coordinator, Erika, was very on point and organized and professional and nice. She did an amazing job and it was a pleasure to work with Erika and Rebecca and her assistant. They also gave us lists of important things to bring to the wedding and also helped us to bring important things like marriage license, payments for our vendors and distributed those for us. New Creations will help you have an amazing day and will help you figure out all the details, give you suggestions, feedback, support, and will guide you with their experience. They really care about you and want to help you have an amazing wedding. New Creations helped us with so much more than day-of coordination. Thanks for supporting us and helping us to work through our non-traditional choices for our wedding details.
— Dorothy and Richmond
After attempting to plan our wedding on our own, we stumbled upon Rebecca’s website. Decided it wouldn’t hurt to contact her, so we filled out some information and sent it in. Not too long after, she replied, and we set up a meeting. When we finally got the chance to sit down and talk with her, we left feeling so warm and knew if we had her by our side we would be in good hands. Rebecca is magic. Her personality is just so genuine and personable. My husband and I opted for the “Day of with Design” coordination package. I wish now that we had gone with her for the full package, but never the less we still had an amazing wedding day. During the planning process I’d set up a Pinterest inspiration board, and showed it to Rebecca, I was stuck between two styles I was in love with. She helped us figure out which style was more us and one we’d be happy with. From there, we worked from the style inspiration and started to design our dream day. Since we decided to go with the “Day of with Design” coordination package, we used everything she gave us as a base and worked from there. She of course checked in time to time to make sure we were on track. The weeks and days leading up to the wedding I was getting more stressed out. We even had a separate traditional Lao wedding the day before so at this point my mind was a complete mess. Thankfully earlier in the week we met with Rebecca to finalize details and handed over everything to her so we didn’t have much to worry about. Come our wedding day Rebecca and Erika were there to help with every detail and to make sure everything ran smoothly…. And it did. It was pretty awesome seeing them in action on the big day. My husband and I were very well taken care of. Looking back at it now makes my heart smile at how everything came together. We can’t thank Rebecca enough, and couldn’t imagine our day with out her. I will definitely be recommending her to any one who is in the market for a wedding planner!!
— Edelyn and Pepsi
Chris and I had trouble finding a reception venue. By the time we reached out to New Creations, they were able to lead us towards the Bellevue Club! It fit our tastes and exactly was what we were looking for! New Creations was able to take a load off our hands! Lets just say, we were able to procrastinate for a couple of months of planning because we knew New Creations had it all under control. If you’re looking for a friendly staff, for someone who is experienced, for someone who will make sure your day runs smoothly, for someone who is organized down to the T, for someone who will respond to your emails/text promptly, New Creations are your girls! New Creations offered excellent value for the cost. Honestly, we would change nothing. My now husband and I have NOTHING to complain about! New Creations was everything we expected, and so much more! We are absolutely going to refer New Creations to friends and family!!
— Jen and Chris
Our two major obstacles we faced before hiring New Creations were that we lacked the time to plan a wedding all on our own, and had basically no idea where to even start in terms of finding great vendors and putting together our dream vision. Narrowing down our options to about three excellent choices was absolutely amazing. Further, it was the tiniest details that made the day truly special, and we would not have known to think about those things. Hiring New Creations made the entire process of being engaged and planning a wedding manageable. I can’t actually imagine what would have happened if we tried to do it ourselves. We will absolutely refer any couples we know to New Creations.
— Kristen and Jamie
I faced a couple frustrations before hiring New Creations. First of all, my fiancé and I wanted to incorporate both Asian and Western styles for our wedding. I was born and raised in China- I knew nothing about the customs in a Western-style wedding. Secondly, all my family was in China and my entire bridal party was in Canada while I was planning. So I was the only one who was in charge of all the wedding planning. I really needed someone that I could count on to be part of my wedding planning and knew my wedding details inside and out so that I could relax and enjoy my wedding day!
Rebecca truly knows what she is doing and loves what she does! It is a fantastic experience to work with Rebecca. She offered a lot of insightful suggestions and tips for my planning process. And, her vendor referral list custom made for my style and budget was really helpful! I picked most of the vendors from her referral list and they were all fantastic to work with! I followed the “to-do” list from Rebecca to plan my wedding. On the day of the wedding, the presence of Rebecca and her assistant absolutely calmed my nerves! I knew things were under control because I had them with me.
I would tell other brides that: Wedding planning isn’t easy. We as brides tend to try our best to plan the “perfect wedding,” and that can really stress you out. With the help from a professional, life can be so much easier. your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. It is priceless to have peace of mind and really enjoy your wedding day.
New Creations offered an excellent value for the cost. The vendor referral list alone means a lot to me. I even got price discounts from vendors because I was referred by Rebecca. Unlimited email and text communication with consistent, warm responses from Rebecca was worth it’s weight in gold! I will absolutely refer other couples to New Creations!
— Yvonna and Nick
Rebecca was the best decision we made in the wedding planning process. It started with the first meeting, which was exactly the experience we were wanting. Rebecca spent nearly the whole meeting talking about us. The stress that we had was very immediately replaced by the fun of everything. She asked us how we fell in love and what we wanted in the day. She asked us what was important to us and where we went on dates. She asked us questions from “Do you want ice sculptures?” to “What is your favorite thing about him/her?” There were so many questions that we hadn’t thought of and the process of thinking of them, imagining and dreaming of what the day would be like was just... fun, light, wonderful... all the things you think wedding planning should be. Another great part is that we got to set our budget and figure out how to make what we love happen within that budget. That was a really great process and made everything we did feel like ours.
She just took away the stress. My husband and I were involved in every step of the process and her guidance through it all allowed that. Two weeks before the wedding, when most brides and grooms are losing their mind, we were finalizing our vows that we were able to write ourselves. We were discussing how to best involve our families in last minute planning and how to be with our out of town guests without lost in time with just the two of us. We were planning a date before the wedding for just the two of us. We were having fun,. We were picking out final fun decoration and getting excited. We were journaling and dating and talking. Because we were able to trust Rebecca, we were able to spend so much more time with each other. It was what it felt like it should be. We were preparing to marry each other and taking in all that that means. All the while, Rebecca was taking care of the details that would make the day what we wanted it to be. Another thing that you may not think of is how much you need someone to keep everything together. you have friends, you have family, you have each other, but in the midst of all the changes you need someone to be the same. Rebecca is the most professional person I have ever known. She changed my entire out look on the way I pursue my career because of how mud hI value her ability to put what she is hired to do above the emotions of the process. She is definitely someone we would call a friend, but her professionalism also never faltered. She is someone who will stay steady through the sea of emotions that arise, someone who will finish what she said she would do, who will get back to you in a day or less, and who will be consistently supportive, encouraging, and couple focused the whole time.
— Angela and Tim
When we started the wedding planning process, we did not think we needed a wedding planner. A couple of months in, we thought it might be a good idea. We just had our wedding three weeks ago, and looking back, I don’t know HOW we would have done it without Rebecca!!!!
The idea of finding vendors and knowing when and how to schedule was a little overwhelming. Rebecca’s experience and connections allowed us to achieve our goals all the way through the planning period. We could not have had the dream wedding that we did without the experienced guidance of Rebecca Grant. She was just an email away whenever we needed her and I never felt that plans or decisions were made without my knowledge or input. She communicated with our daughter, my husband, and me on all matters. It is difficult to put a value on peace of mind. New Creations gave my daughter and me a chance to work together without the stress and tension that can come with planning a wedding. She and I were free to enjoy the decision-making. It was a wonderful mother/daughter experience.
— Laurie and Rob- Parents of the Bride
My (now) husband and I met with Rebecca after receiving a recommendation from a friend for coordination services. We compared her to other planners and coordinators. Most planners spend their time planning and don’t care as much about “day-of” coordination. They only agree to meet with you a couple of short times and have long lists of things they don’t handle rather than what they can offer you. Rebecca was the exact opposite. he asked us about how we met, discussed our vision for the wedding, and things we had already done and organized. She took plenty of notes and really listened to us. We felt at ease with her and loved her bubbly personality and energy- which is upbeat and sweet, but calming and in control at the same time. We loved that after we hired her, she was attentive and responsive to emails and she provided us with plenty of good vendor options for gaps that we had. She had thorough meetings with us and went through the right information with us and our venue contact; we never felt like we didn’t talk to her enough, but felt like we were the center of her attention each time. She also never made us feel bad for decisions we hadn’t made yet or things we hadn’t settled upon. She developed an amazing timeline which our venue contact said was the best he’d ever seen so we all know where everyone had to be at what time and provided us a detailed list of items we needed to have for her. She even picked up all of my decorations, guest book and items ahead of time and organized them for me. Rebecca and her assistant did an amazing job helping us make magic at the wedding- doing things in the background, setting thing sup, putting things in our hotel room, problem-solving and helping tear things down always with a smile on their faces.
— Ann and Nick
Before hiring New Creations, we were facing a lot of uncertainties about the wedding planning and wedding day. Though we were making a real effort to be organized, we just didn’t have the experience and were afraid we would miss a lot of elements in the planning and pulling together the timeline for the day. Rebecca helped us fill in a lot of the gaps in areas where we weren’t sure of what to do. She helped us with the areas where we needed help, she provided answers (or at least knew how to find them), and was able to genuinely give us reassurance for how things would turn out. Rebecca’s assistance with our timeline was very helpful because we knew not just how the big day would play out, but also because it prevented us from missing anything. And of course, her assistance on the actual wedding day was awesome, contacting the vendors and keeping everything going on-schedule and the way we wanted.
Rebecca is overall down-to-earth, friendly and approachable. She definitely knows what she’s doing; we always felt like we were in good hands. She helped us get the wedding we wanted without trying to sell us on the wedding she thought we wanted. Rebecca’s experience showed in the way she was often able to anticipate our uncertainties and clear them up quickly. She was always reception to our questions, communicated effectively and honored her commitments. Importantly, Rebecca never pretended she would be available when she wasn’t, so we always knew what to expect from her.
We felt that our money was well-spent with New Creations. Rebecca met with us at very important points through the planning process, even as part of her “Day-of” service package. On (and leading up to) the wedding day, she handled everything- contacting and coordinating with the venue and our vendors, making sure we didn’t overlook anything the morning before the ceremony, and generally keeping things running smoothly and on-schedule.
We would definitely recommend New Creations!!! For anyone considering a wedding planner, it’s worth the investment to allow you to spend more time enjoying the day and less time worrying about the details.
— Aira and Robert
My Dear Rebecca,
No words can really express my thanks for you and your presence during the wedding day. So, I will just begin by saying “Thank You” and give you a BIG WARM HUG. Thank you so much for guidance in the months prior to the wedding and your fantastic professionalism and organization for the rehearsal and wedding day. My family was very impressed by your friendliness, graciousness, understanding, and, above all, planning. Everyone mentioned how smooth the wedding day proceeded and I said that it was owed to you and your planning. Excellent comments were made on the beautiful wedding ceremony; intimate, elegant, and tasteful wedding setting at Pan Pacific and the top notch food/wine menu. All again, thanks to you and your guidance.
My parents like you very much and said that you have a kind and noble heart. Please know that you will always be a dear friend of the family. For me, the wedding was a real blur. I was overwhelmed by the whole day because a) I only had a few hours of sleep the night before; and b) because of the significance of the day itself- I was, after all, getting married! To be honest, I needed the week after the wedding to decompress and take it all in. It still feels surreal- to know that I am married. My good deacon friend, Bill, told me to take things one day at a time. And I have been doing just that for the last few days. Johnny had a blast and said that it was the happiest day of his life and he said that he was very glad that I “found you” and you decided to work with us for our wedding day. If you need a reference, count me in!
To end: I hope that we will continue this friendship even though the wedding is over. I am honored to be called your friend.
I wish you the best and many blessings.
— Jackie and Johnny
I love when I can give glowing reviews of people- and I certainly can in this case! Rebecca is terrific! I was one of the most relaxed brides I knew because she was there. She freed me from feeling like I had to be in 5 places at once. I am a planner by nature and knew I wanted to do most of the planning myself. My goals when hiring Rebecca were to have someone to handle all the little details on the day and to advise on schedule. It was so much easier to have Rebecca put together the initial schedule since she’s done it so many times and simply knows things that would take me hours to research (and possibly still get wrong).
Rebecca herself is wonderful! We definitely clicked the first time we met so I knew right away that I wanted to have her around on the wedding day. She’s organized, professional and warm. She is insanely responsive. Even if she can’t get back to you right away, she’s always clear as to when you will hear from her next. She has a great way of breaking things down into non-overwhelming pieces. She has a system but is definitely flexible so that your day can support everything you want to do. She also has a deep bench. When I decided a few weeks before the wedding that I didn’t want to go with the hair and makeup people I had initially booked, she got me several great alternatives within hours.
For my wedding, we needed to flip the room where the ceremony took place to the dining room. I absolutely trusted Rebecca to execute my initial vision for the setup for ceremony, and to reset the room for dinner. She nailed it!
On the day, she was clearly in control but also removed enough to let everything flow and allow my family to enjoy our time together. She was great about letting everyone know what was happening but was never pushy. Before meeting her, I was concerned about a coordinator getting in the way. I had nothing to worry about with Rebecca! She was also very helpful in redirecting the energies of poodle who wanted to be “helpful” but really were getting in the way. My family didn’t meet her until the rehearsal and was skeptical about the expense of a wedding planner, but they loved her too! I highly recommend Rebecca! She will make your day even more beautiful than you imagined it!
— Amy and Andrew
When my husband and I started the wedding planning process, I sought to find a wedding planner who I can rely on...someone who is genuine and would look out for our best interest. Due to living in different states, I would be planning our wedding without my fiancé by my side. I interviewed three wedding planners in the Seattle area. All were capable and interesting, but one stood out. Her name is Rebecca Grant of New Creations Wedding Design & Coordination. Rebecca greeted me with open arms and the warmest smile. Our conversation was different than the others. She asked about my fiancé- what he was like... and what his expectations were for the wedding. The other planners didn’t even go there. They asked how we met, but I felt like that’s a standard question. Rebecca truly wanted to know more about the man I was going to marry.
I hired Rebecca for full-service wedding planning. She proved her worth from beginning to end. As we got to know each other better, I realized that she’s not only great at what she does- Rebecca is an upstanding and respectful person. She’s adored, and people who know her well, can attest to her authenticity and heart. Her services are sought after around the world! Her clients truly represent an international audience.
Rebecca Grant of New Creations Weddings is a professional, no doubt. One the day of our wedding, she and her staff executed as expected. She met the needs of my Filipino family (her area of expertise), and honestly, her gift to us on our day was taking care of ALL the details that could have easily burdened us and kept us away from truly being in the moment of our wedding. That in itself was worth hiring Rebecca.
I would recommend Rebecca’s services to anyone. And, would be happy to provide more information around my experience in working with her.
— Jackie and Shaun
Dear Rebecca, How do we begin to thank you?! Your expertise and support was invaluable to make our wedding day so perfect. Not only are you so great at your job, but you were a joy to work with. We loved your honest opinions and positive attitude through all situations. Thank you for being our incredible “Day-of” Coordinator and for making the day so smooth. You gave Matt and I, plus our families, the chance to really enjoy the day “stress-free.” We’ve also heard such positive feedback about you from our family and bridal party. We know all future couples are lucky to work with you and have you on their “wedding team.” Please stay in touch and wishing you all the best!
— Lauren and Matt
Before hiring Rebecca we had trouble organizing our ideas and polishing a “theme” for our wedding day. We also needed help with the vendors we hadn’t filled yet. There were a number of times I would curl up on the couch and cry in fear that we were behind schedule. Rebecca turned the planning process around for us into a positive experience. She was knowledgeable and shoed us ideas that we loved! If a compromise was needed, she helped shed light on both the pros and cons. If I had a second thought on a vendor, she would remind me that the choice was solid for x, y, z reasons. The best part was when we fell behind on our timeline, she kept us organized and reassured and reminded us it wasn’t the end of the world.
New Creations is professional, creative, and on top of their game. Rebecca really took time to get to know both of us. I loved how she took my pins (from Pinterest) and some of her own, and customized an inspiration board for us (she nailed it!). Another reason to consider hiring her is that he shelled remind me that it’s not only the Brides’ special day, but the Grooms’ as well. I needed that reminder every now and then when it came to making decisions- ha! When it came to meetings, she was very accommodating to our schedules and was always very prompt and ready to get started. It was also great that we didn’t have to go into much detail explaining Filipino wedding traditions.
Rebecca’s services were invaluable. We were truly happy with the planning process and how the wedding day flowed. We also truly appreciated the above and beyond tasks they did, like help remove spray paint from the tub and my finger (don’t ask), and sewed one of the groomsmen’s pants after they split. We absolutely will refer Rebecca, and in fact, before the end of the night, pointed some of our friends in her direction!
— Vicky and EJ
Rebecca took care of every single detail, including things we never would have known to do! Our wedding was absolutely perfect, dream wedding (I think she somehow stopped it from raining that day too!). She was so, so, so organized and thoughtful about what we had told her we envisioned and she brought it to life. She helped us find the perfect vendors and we absolutely loved all of them! I actually cried when I saw the flowers, the room, actually I cried pretty much the whole time because it was all so perfect.
The day of the wedding, Rebecca kept the wedding party organized (all 19 of us), as well as both of our gigantic families, all the vendors, and everyone knew where they needed to be and when. She also brought an emergency kit with her with things like bobby pins and hair spray that I ended up needing.
I HIGHLY recommend Rebecca! I cannot imagine how our wedding could have possibly been anymore perfect and it was all because of her attention to detail and thoughtfulness! She knew exactly what we wanted and brought it to life perfectly! I will not let a friend or family member plan a wedding without her!
— Rachel and Danny
Rebecca is a God send, no two ways about it. I don’t consider myself a ‘bridezilla,’ but I can be very OCD about things, and I struggle with anxiety issues in the best of circumstances.  Wedding planning was overwhelming for me. Rebecca, with kind words and an over abundance of patience, not only navigated me through the process, but helped to pull ideas out of me that made the wedding truly unique to us. She was available to me at almost any hour of any day, always with a quick response and reassuring words. Rebecca knew the answers to questions I didn’t know I had until the last minute, and she had the solutions to problems before they happened. Her ‘day-of emergency kit’ saved the day when my bridesmaids corset back broke. She took care of all my stuff, put it in my hotel room, wrangled up the gifts and knick knacks and got them home with the right person. She did it all, even the stuff I never thought to ask about… Rebecca made it possible for me (despite all my day to day anxiety) to breeze through my wedding without a care. My wedding was flawless, I had several guests tell me it was the best wedding they had ever been to, and that is because Rebecca was my planner. There aren’t enough words to describe how invaluable Rebecca has been to me and my family. Simply put, she made my wedding day perfect.
— Sarah and Josh
This has got to be the longest we have spent in seeking one particular vendor! It is the most difficult decision we’ve had to make so far and we are kind of surprised by it. Haha! To be honest, we have loved you so much from the very beginning but the price was the only setback. However, the other coordinators can’t even compete with the performance, promptness and professionalism that you have shown so far, so in the end, it was a clear choice… you are worth it! =) After going back and forth and discussing our options everyday since Thursday of last week, we have decided to move forward with you.  Thanks & we are very much looking to working with you on our wedding day.
— Micha and Erik
I’ve heard friends say “I never want to plan another wedding again, it was horrible.” Rebecca, we would get remarried every year if we had you for a planner! Absolutely amazing and beautiful. Thank you for sharing your experience with us with the world. The only thing I regret is not taking more photos in the photo booth!!! That was such a cool addition. And our beautiful chandelier, I’ve been collecting old style serving bowls to replicate them for when we have gatherings. John Crozier our photographer and his wife were also phenomenal, and he has kept in touch even after our “business” together was finished. I had an issue with the photo disks -on my behalf, or the company he had used- and he was very quick to offer up a solution. And the problem has been fixed! Everything went smoothly- especially when I remember we only had 31 days!
— Danya and Derik
I would tell other couples considering hiring New Creations that it is a no brainer! Our friends who were getting married or were married gave us a lot of flack. They thought we paid way too much for a wedding planner, we always responded with Rebecca has 10 years’ experience in the wedding industry! In the summer she has 2 weddings every weekend if not 3, she has this down pat, we aren’t paying someone just to setup our wedding and break it down, and we are paying someone to bring knowledge and skills to the table. The reason we hired Rebecca was; Devin really liked Rebecca as a person, he respected her personal views and moral values and that was a MAJOR selling point.
The morning of the wedding I wasn’t stressed, my bridesmaids and make artist kept telling me, I was the calmest bride they had ever seen. One of my bridesmaids even said she thought I would go full bridezilla on the day of the wedding, but I didn’t. At the end of the night walking away and not worrying about a single thing was a big relief in its self.
I just want to say, A BIG THANK YOU for putting up with me, as I know I was difficult to work with. I was a control freak and I wanted things done now vs. later. Devin and I are very grateful to have had you work with us, and didn’t fire us as clients. Of course after everything is said and done, there are things a person would change, but hiring you would not be something we would have changed for the world. First of all, if we hadn’t hired you I don’t think Devin would have be involved with the wedding planning process at all, as he bitched and moaned the day before and the morning of going to the appointment but was all happy and glad after the appointment and he was thankful we hired you. This past year in a half has been a world wind of things happening, from me losing my job to Devin and I having to move back in with my parents. Thank you for being kind and understanding and praying for me along the way. In the end, you were the biggest blessing for one of the biggest days in our lives, and there are no words that can ever describe how much that means to us.
— Reba and Devin
A very big thank you for all your help and hard work in making our big day possible. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we feel so lucky to have found you. Thank you for making the week leading up to the wedding stress free and for your sweet gift- we will use the Williams and Sonoma tea towel and think of you! Thank you again for everything- you are absolutely fabulous!
— Marina and Andrew