About Seattle Wedding Coordinator Rebecca Grant

Seattle wedding planner specializing in Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian weddings. Seattle Wedding Coordinator and Design duo Rebecca Grant and Mandy Brown.

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Rebecca Grant


  • Attended University of Hawaii's Travel Industry Management course specializing in Wedding Planning & Coordination.

  • Worked under one of the best wedding planners in Hawaii.

  • Seattle's only wedding planner specializing in Asian and Pacific Islander weddings (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean, Vietnamese and Samoan).

  • Lives in Snohomish on a mini farm (11 chickens, 3 bee hives, 2 golden retrievers, and 2 cats. Trying to convince her husband she need goats).

  • Favorite part of the wedding day: Watching the brides reaction when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time.

  • Favorite post-wedding ritual: Taking a bubble bath while watching Hulu and eating fresh-made chocolate chip cookies that her husband makes for her on her way home. Yes, he’s a keeper.

  • Fun facts:

    • Can often find her in the garden on days off.

    • Is double-jointed in both thumbs and can bend them behind her hands.

    • Can recreate almost any animal noise to the point where animals come over.

    • Has driven a race car and Lamborghini (she has a bit of a lead foot).

    • Her Golden Retrievers are her kids and she has plenty of photos to show you. Dog snuggles are the best thing ever!

    • She will be your best friend if you bring her chocolate chip cookies (without nuts please).

    • She laughs at her own jokes.

    • She is a lover of naps. A good afternoon nap outside in the summer are her favorite!

    • She listens to talk radio during the week, well, because she’s old, lol!

    • Former Chapter Director for Wedding Network USA.

  • Venues she's dying to work at!

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Mandy Brown


  • From Grosse Pointe, MI, moved to Tacoma in 2010. Her Uncle helped start the LeMay America's Car Museum.

  • She has a BA in Hospitality Management.

  • Interned at Meadow Brook Hall- the 4th largest historic home museum in the U.S.

  • Worked in Catering Management for Washington Athletic Club and The Rainier Club.

  • Favorite part of a wedding day: The joy and anxious excitement of the couple right before the kiss.

  • Fun facts:

    • She's been skydiving twice!

    • Loves Starbucks, but not for the coffee- only goes for the hot cocoa's.

    • She has a metal chin!

    • She has an adorable black cat named Annie.

    • Renovating a 1929 house in Tacoma.

    • Married since 2013.

    • Favorite carryout food- yellow curry from Silk Thai.

    • Favorite dessert- does she have to pick just one?! But anything with peanut butter and chocolate will do.

    • Obsessed with Parks and Recreation (Treat Yo Self!).

  • Venues she's dying to work at!

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Erin Aus

ASSOCIATE PLANNER & Day of Assistant

  • Born & raised in the PNW, grew up on Whidbey Island.

  • Has a BS in Business Administration from Central Washington University.

  • Lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for 4 years.

  • Joined the New Creations team in 2017

  • Favorite part of the Wedding day: Watching the groom’s reaction when the bride walks down the aisle- even if they had a first look, this moment is so sweet!

  • Favorite post-wedding ritual: Putting her feet up while she watches “trash TV.”

  •  Fun Facts:     

    • Her obsession with pickles is REAL (anything pickled, really!)

    • She met her fiancé in Hawaii and somehow convinced him to move to Washington with her.

    • She loves a good prank- trying to scare people is one of her favorite past times (and probably the reason she gets scared so easily!).

    • Her mom, sisters and niece are her best friends.

    • Studied abroad in France for a summer in College.

    • While living in Hawaii, she worked on a coffee farm, roasting and packaging Kona Coffee.

    • Cheesy chick flics are her jam, especially Netflix originals and romantic Christmas movies!

    • She is a lover of sunsets, sunshine, and the ocean!

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Della Gonzales

Day of assistant

  • Spent six years hosting weddings and other events at Cave B Resort in Central Washington.

  • Joined the New Creations team in 2017.

  • Lives in Ellensburg, WA.

  • Favorite part of the wedding day: The first look!

  • Favorite post-wedding ritual: Kicking off her shoes as soon as she gets in the car.

  • Fun facts:

    • She loves to cook at home; nobody is allowed to touch the grill but her.

    • She sings along to music for the entirety of most car rides (but cannot carry a tune to save her life).

    • She has a double Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Law & Justice.

    • One of her favorite parts of the day is coming home to her family which includes her hubby, three teenagers (yep, three), and their dog and cat.

    • Hawaii is her absolute favorite place on Earth.

    • If the Cupid Shuffle comes on, she’s going to dance!

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