FAQ - New Creations Wedings

We answer all your burning questions about the Planning and Coordination process.



Who is the best fit for your services?

We LOVE couples that trust us! You are hiring us to be the expert and guide you through this process, so allow us to do that. We know you’ll get anxious, or that all your family members will start asking you 1,000 questions wondering why (insert item) hasn't been done yet. Trust us. We know what we’re doing. We also love it when you allow us to stretch our creativity and do something BOLD! While we’ll always love a good white or blush color palette, we THRIVE when we get to use mixtures of colors, textures and patterns, truly creating memorable, one-of-a-kind weddings and eye-candy for you and your guests. We love it when our couples are animal lovers too. Feel free to bring your pets to any of our meetings. They’re always welcome! We’re nice people. :) We want to create a fabulous experience for you while laughing with you, and getting to know you on a personal level.

What’s the average wedding budget you work with?

A good rule of thumb with the style of weddings you’ll see on our portfolio page average about $500-$600/guest. So a 100-person wedding will be around $50-$60k. Of course depending on the vendors you have, or any extra fun things you want to bring in (which we’re always game for) will adjust pricing up or down. We don’t have a minimum we work with, however we don’t want to eat up all your budget either. We know we’re not the least-expensive option out there, so typically we should take up no more than 10% of your total overall wedding budget.

What’s the difference between a Venue coordinator and a wedding planner?

We love our venue coordinators! Because they are dedicated to making sure the venue is holding up their end of the agreement, it makes it difficult for them to provide undivided attention to the wedding party. We wrote an in-depth blog post about the differences here, and why it’s best to allow vendors to do exactly what you hired them for.

I See you offer design in some of your services. Does that mean you offer floral services as well?

Not exactly. Think of us as the Interior Designer for your wedding. We talk about what it is you’re looking for, your style, etc; and help craft the overall look and feel of the wedding. We source the vendors and pieces that will best fit your vision and throw in some ideas that maybe you hadn't thought about. We leave the floral, stationary, calligraphy, rentals, etc. to the creative experts and act as overall manager of your day to make sure it comes together for one cohesive look.

What sets you apart from others in the industry?

New Creations Weddings is the only planning company in Seattle that specializes in Asian and Pacific Islander weddings. Being trained on the island of Oahu, Rebecca got her start in the wedding planning industry there, and with that, was thrown into the fire or every Asian/Pacific Islander wedding tradition out there! She has specialties in Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, Hawaiian and Samoan wedding customs and traditions. No need to explain what’s needed, she’s got you! Rebecca has also made several TV appearances on KOMO 4 News as well as KING 5’s New Day NW, and has produced her very own wedding showcase, “Beyond the Dress Collective.” She has also been the previous chapter director for Wedding Network Seattle, a networking group for Seattle area wedding professionals. She brings 16+ years and over 400 weddings experience to bring your wedding day vision to life and execute with grace and excellence.

In addition to her Hospitality degree, Mandy has been working in Food and Beverage since 2004. Working anywhere from kitchen prep, server, front line, and catering management for two prestigious private clubs in Seattle (the WAC & Rainier Club). With so many years of under her belt, she really knows what works best to create the ultimate guest experience and what to steer away from. Mandy is excellent at creating one-of-a-kind events. She brings extremely unique suggestions and ideas to her couples to create a truly memorable experience. Listen to her advice, it will be good.

How many weddings do you do per weekend?

Weddings are a lot of work and we want our attention to be focused on you. Depending on the wedding, we typically work 10-14 hours on the big day (not including the hours of work prior to). To give you our undivided attention, each of us are limited to one wedding per weekend (Sat & Sun).

Which one of you will I work with? Will it be the same person for the whole process?

The person contracted with is the person you will work with throughout the entire wedding planning process. We hear it so often after weddings that our couples felt like they had a friend helping them. A lot of that is because it's really important to us that we are a fit for you, and you with us. That is why you the person you communicate, contract, and plan with is the same person throughout your entire planning process. We want to see that big smile on your face walking back down the aisle as a newly married couple!

For Additional questions or to setup your complimentary consultation, contact us through our inquiry form or via email at info@newcreationsweddings.com