Dream Team

Let's Get Married! 

Meet our team!  With over 20 years combined total experience, we are your go-to wedding planning experts!  We will guide you through the "We're engaged, now what?" to allow you and your family to be a guest on your wedding day.  Check us out!  We look forward to connecting with you!

Rebecca Grant


  • Attended University of Hawaii's Travel Industry Management course specializing in Wedding Planning & Coordination.
  • Worked under one of the best wedding planners in Hawaii.
  • Seattle's only wedding planner specializing in Asian weddings (Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Hawaiian, Korean, Samoan).
  • Lives in Snohomish on a mini farm (5 chickens, 2 bee hives, 1 golden retriever, 2 cats and a leased horse).
  • Favorite part of the wedding day: Watching the brides reaction when she sees herself in the mirror for the first time.
  • Fun facts:
    • Can often find her in the garden on days off.
    • Is double-jointed in both thumbs and can bend them behind her hands.
    • Can recreate almost any animal noise to the point where animals come over.
    • Has driven a race car and Lamborghini (she has a bit of a led foot).
    • She does not like coffee even though her husband works for Starbucks.  Bring her a hot cocoa any day!
    • Married since 2010.
    • Favorite ice cream- peanut butter and chocolate ice cream from Baskin Robbins.
    • She laughs at her own jokes.  
    • Hates seafood, but will try anything once (or fake it at a tasting).
    • Has never been to a Hawks game, but watches almost every game.  Would LOVE to go to a game!
    • Chapter Director for Wedding Network USA.
  • Venues she's dying to work at!

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Mandy Brown


  • From Grosse Pointe, MI, moved to Tacoma in 2010.  Her Uncle helped start the LeMay America's Car Museum.
  • She specializes in Tacoma/South Sound weddings (but will go anywhere you want her to go).
  • BA in Hospitality Management and Management.
  • Interned at Meadow Brook Hall- the 4th largest historic home museum in the U.S.
  • Worked in Catering Management for Washington Athletic Club and The Rainier Club.
  • Favorite part of a wedding day: The joy and anxious excitement of the couple right before the kiss.
  • Fun facts:
    • She's been skydiving twice!
    • Not a fan of oysters and sushi- hates the texture!
    • Loves Starbucks, but not for the coffee- only goes for the hot cocoa's.
    • She has a metal chin!
    • She has an adorable black cat named Annie.
    • Renovating a 1929 house in Tacoma.
    • Married since 2013
    • Favorite carryout food- yellow curry from Silk Thai
    • Favorite dessert- does she have to pick just one?!  But anything with peanut butter and chocolate will do.
    • Obsessed with Parks and Recreation (Treat Yo Self!)
  • Venues she's dying to work at!

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Erika Hernandez


Erika came on as an Planner with New Creations in early 2015. Her can-do attitude, amazing organizational skills and eye for detail can be attributed to her varied background in events.  Erika has hands-on experience working in professional sports (Go Hawks!), on corporate conferences, with nonprofits and alongside several of Seattle's top Wedding Planners, Event Designers and Florists.

In college, Erika majored in Bio-cultural Anthropology. Her research topic of choice was "The Rules of Attraction."  She is fascinated by what brings two people together.  She loves getting to know each couple and helping them create a day that truly captures the essence of their story. Her favorite parts of the wedding day are the vows and the toasts. She can't help but tear up a little every time.

When she's not planning events, Erika likes to travel and explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. A bit of a self-admitted nerd, she enjoys reading about history and science so, naturally, she is an excellent trivia teammate. Erika believes that you are never done learning so she makes an effort to continue her education through classes, workshops and by learning from other event pros to perfect and learn new skills. She is currently exploring an interest in event floral design.

Erika is excited to have turned her passion into a career with New Creations and can't wait to learn more about what you have been envisioning for your special day!

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