Meghan’s Mehndi | Seattle Wedding Henna Tattoo Artist | Seattle Wedding Planner

Did you know my Brides have hidden talents?  I have worked with a breast-cancer survivor to a labor and delivery nurse.  This bride is no exception to the rule.  I would like to introduce you to Meghan Kaloper of Meghan’s Mehndi.  I had the privilege of planning her and her husband Chris’ wedding last July.  Her hidden talent is amazing wedding Mehndi.  Seriously people, it’s beautiful!  In the photos below, you will be able to see the design from Meghan’s wedding day where she incorporated the same design on her hand on everything from her invitations to her cake.

I have asked Meghan a few questions about her business and how she fell into becoming such a beautiful artist.  I hope you enjoy!  If you are looking for that unique touch on your wedding day, or a fun wedding shower idea, give Meghan a call!  She is amazing!  :)

NC: How did you become a henna tattoo artist?

Meghan: I fell into becoming a henna tattoo artist. I always loved art as a kid and often dreamed of becoming an artist “when I grew up”. In high school, I took a beginning henna class and the instructor thought I was good for a beginner; she was looking for someone to help her run her shop in the summer time and offered to train me if I came to work for her. I apprenticed with the woman and worked for her for five years at her henna shop, private parties, street fairs, and events. After five years, I decided I was ready to branch out on my own and I founded Meghan’s Mehndi. I have been doing henna tattoos in a variety of styles and at various venues for ten years now.

NC: How can Brides get a hold of you for their wedding?

Meghan: Brides who are interested in getting wedding mehndi can visit my website to learn more about my pricing and to see designs ( Typically, wedding henna is done at the bride’s home with friends and family in attendance. Gatherings are sometimes large and formal, other times they are small and simple- regardless, henna parties are always fun and a great way for the bride to chat with all her friends and family as she becomes adorned. Bridal mehndi can take anywhere from 2-5 hours depending on the intricacy of designs. My standard bridal package is for 3 hours of service and can be used entirely by the bride or henna can be shared with bridesmaids and family members. Please inquire for a price quote or to see examples of my work!